How many mats come with the unit?

  • 5 washable mats
  • we recommend to throw away any mats that get soiled with fecal matter
  • sanitary conditions is top priority to keep diesese and sickness away

How do I use the heater?

3 light bulbs are included, normal WATT,  LED can not be used.

What is the proper setting?

We suggest keeping the heater on high, if the pups become too warm, they are able to move away.

Can the heating unit get wet?

No, please remove the heating unit before any deep cleaning.

Can the puppies chew the electric cord?

  • Please do not let the puppies or adult dogs chew any electric cord!
  • As the pups become more mobile and go down the ladder, they could get to the cord.
  • For extended play times for older puppies, best to move the heater to a safe location . 

Can a person sit or lay in the den?

  • The den floor should never have people walking on it
  • We do not recommend children playing in the den until no longer used for birth 
  • The den is strong enough to hold a child but we don’t recommend because they may not understand to stay out when mom is caring for her young
  • Perfect todler bed or play area if no longer needed for welping den


Is the Deluxe Comfort Handmade Cusion to be used with the puppies?

  • No, Not for puppies as they need to be close to the heat source 
  • Pre comfort bed for the expecting momma
  • Not to be used when the heater is on
  • Not to be used with newborn puppies under 8weeks old 
  • Pampers your momma before and after the birthing process
  • Cusion maybe used on the floor for playtime 6 to 8 weeks 

Q. Can the cushion be cleaned ?

A. The cover is designed to be removed and washed .  If it becomes soiled , remove the cover quickly to avoid liquids seeping into the foam.  We provide a well made in the USA cushion, but eventually it will live out its purpose.